Do American Football Players Wear Jockstraps? (Answered)

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April 12, 2022

Playing contact sports such as American football can be very dangerous for players participating. That's why they are equipped with the best gear protection possible such as helmets, mouthguard or even knee pads.

This leads me to answer this question:

Do American football players wear jockstraps?

American football players do wear jockstraps every time they play the game. Jockstraps play one very important role in the safety of American football players - and that is the protection of the testes and penis. Jockstraps are also recommended for any other contact sport such as soccer.

So now that you got the answer, let's have a look at the main reason why NFL players wear them.

Why do American football players wear jockstraps?

So what is the main reason why American football players wear jockstraps?

Jockstraps provide the player with extensive support and protection of the testes and penis. Contact sports such as American football are well-known for the big chances of getting injured - and so that's why wearing protective gear such as jockstraps helps to minimize these chances.

To give you an even more extensive answer, here is a full list of the benefits:

  • Great extra protection against injury
  • The feeling of being safe
  • Comfortable to play with

Which is better jockstrap or compression shorts?

Many players tend to either wear jockstraps - but there are some players that prefer compression shorts.

So which is better for you? Are jockstraps better than compression shorts?

Compression shorts are well-known for their comfort, however, they don't protect the player that much as jockstraps. On the other hand, jockstraps are great for protection, but they might not provide the fullest comfort. Personal preference here plays a big role.

Personally, I prefer compression shorts, but if I would be playing American football - I would probably pick jockstraps for extra safety.

Do soccer players wear jockstraps?

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world.

As an ex-pro player, I can say that soccer is definitely much safer than American football. Due to that reason, soccer players don't usually wear jockstraps. However, it is not an excuse to not wear them. Every player should take every possible opportunity to protect themselves from the injury.


So that's pretty much it for this short article.

As you could learn, American football players do wear jockstraps in order to protect themselves.

Should you wear them? Well, that depends on how comfortable are you wearing them.

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