Are Private Soccer Lessons Worth It?

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February 19, 2021

If you clicked on this article, the chances are that you are considering private soccer lessons for you or your child.

I’m getting this question a lot:

Are private soccer lessons worth it? Yes, private soccer lessons are worth it! Private coaching will help you improve parts of your game you didn’t notice by yourself. It’s good to have someone watching you and giving you much more attention so then he can pinpoint areas where you can improve.

Now let’s talk a little bit about why you should even consider private soccer lessons.

Why should you consider getting a private soccer coach?

With a private coach comes a lot of advantages.

Back in the days when I was playing professionally, I got myself a fitness and soccer private coach. And let me tell you that it helped me to improve drastically.

Here are a few reasons why getting a private soccer coach is a good idea:

  1. He’ll pay you much more attention

Think about it this way. Your team coach has to focus on how a whole team performs. If you keep playing poorly, he might tell you what mistakes you’re making and what is expected from you. But then, there’s a chance you’ll spend some time on a bench and will have to wait for another chance. And that’s a reality.

On the other hand, a private soccer coach will help you improve on your weaknesses and sharpen your skills.

He’ll pay you 10x of attention that you’d get from the team coach. You have to understand that your team coach has to prepare a whole team of 30 players to perform.

  1. Better feedback

Even though your team coach can give you great feedback, it doesn’t compare to your private soccer coach.

A private soccer coach will pay you full attention in the training session, and he’ll be more likely to be able to give you more feedback.

Feedback is super important for you, as a soccer player. You need to know in what areas you must improve your game. And this is not easy to do when you’re watching yourself.

You must be super-objective. Some of you will be more critical than others, and that might result in losing confidence.

  1. Improve your weaknesses

One of the reasons you should get a private soccer coach is that he’ll help you work on things you don’t get to work on team practice.

  1. Improve your strengths

Same as for weaknesses. On team practice, there’s just not enough room for helping you to work on the crossing, shooting, or heading individually.

How much does a personal soccer trainer cost?

Let’s bet honest, getting a private soccer trainer can get costly. However, there are a few tips I can give you.

But first of all, let me answer your question:

How much does a personal soccer trainer cost? Getting a personal soccer trainer on one training session can cost you anything from 15$ to 125$. The price varies, depending on the experience of the coach and the locality. If your private coach is based in another city, you need to also cover travel expenses for him, or you.

So yeah, I think most of the private coaches will adjust the price for you. In my opinion, the fees they charge are pretty much fair.

The value you get from a private soccer coach is immense and can help your soccer career a lot!

Before finding a soccer coach, determine your budget and if you want to work with one on a weekly basis.

How to find a private soccer coach in your city?

There are a few ways you can find a personal soccer coach.

One of them is by simply asking your teammates and your head coach if they know anyone from the city. Especially when talking to your team coach, communicate to him that you would like to improve your weaknesses in your free time.

Another way is to just simply Google. The same way you came to this website.

Go to Google and type: “Private soccer coach” + “City”

Feel free to adjust the search query depending on your language.

Once you type it in, there’s a high probability that you’ll find a few websites of private soccer coaches in your area.

How often should you train with your private soccer coach?

This is a topic that your team schedule and your budget will impact.

First of all, let’s talk about the team practice schedule. Let’s be honest here. If you’re having team practice every single day, and then a competitive match over the weekend, there’s not much room to work with another person. You don’t want to overwork yourself to the point that it’ll be contra-productive.

For a fact, I know that some teams practice only 4 times throughout the week. Here it would be reasonable to get a practice session with your private coach on the free days.

Also, another factor is your budget. You can have a lot of time, but if you don’t have that much money to spend, I recommend you look for another solution.

Let me tell you.. training sessions with one of your teammates can be beneficial for you as well.

Few tips on working with a private soccer coach

Here are a few of my tips for you if you’re going to get a private soccer coach.

  • Communicate upfront on what you would like to improve
  • Always ask questions
  • Ask for feedback at the end of the training session
  • Stay 100% focused and try to absorb everything
  • If possible, try to record your sessions

I highly recommend recording your training session with a camera for sport.

You can always look back on what training exercises you’ve been doing and then you can replicate them in your own individual training.

Most of the time, these exercises are easy to do alone, or with your teammate.

Wrapping it up

Now let me end this article with a few of my words.

You have to want it for yourself. The private soccer coach won’t help you if you’re not consistent and committed to improving yourself.

And remember, the best investment you ever make in your life is in yourself.

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