8 Best Backyard Soccer Goals - Comparison & Buying Guide

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February 23, 2021

Are you looking for the best soccer goal for backyard?

You are in the right place!

In this article, I will show you the 8 best backyard soccer goals.

Under the review section, I also wrote a buying guide, explaining what to look for in soccer goals.

Let’s take a look at the soccer goals I picked:

Soccer goal Main Features Price
The Best OverallFORZA Alu60 FORZA Alu60
  • Durable construction
  • Portable & foldable
  • Great for any age group
Best SmallSKLZ Quickster SKLZ Quickster
  • Great for high-intensity training
  • Super small
  • Lightweight
Best LargeKwik Soccer Goal Kwik Soccer Goal
  • Very durable
  • Aluminum thick posts
  • Official size
Best Set of 2EliteGo soccer goal (set of 2) EliteGo soccer goal (set of 2)
  • 2 Soccer goals
  • Great for training sessions
  • Super cheap
On BudgetFranklin Sports Blackhawk Franklin Sports Blackhawk
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight & Portable
  • For training
FORZA 8 x 4 FORZA 8 x 4
  • Great for backyard
  • Durability
  • UV stabilized HDPE net 
With WheelsFORZA Alu110 - The best soccer goal with wheels
FORZA Alu110 with wheels
  • 4 Wheels
  • Aluminum 110mm goalposts
  • Very durable
Best ExpensiveFORZA Alu110 24x8 FORZA Alu110 24x8
  • For backyard, soccer fields, stadiums
  • The best expensive
  • 4 Wheels & Portable

Before we start, here’s a list of what I will go through:

Best soccer goals for backyard

When I was reviewing these soccer goals, I was looking at a variety of different aspects such as size, weight, if the soccer goal is durable, and for what age group is suitable. I was also comparing factors such a price, as it will help you to make a smart decision.

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FORZA Alu60 soccer goal - The best overall

FORZA Alu60 soccer goal - The best overall

| 16 x 7 feet | 60mm reinforced aluminum | UV treated 3mm soccer nets

For this guide, I picked Forza Au60 as the best overall soccer goal for the backyard.

This soccer goal is suitable for any age group, thanks to its durability and size. One could say that this is great for adults as well.

What I dig about Forza Alu60 are the materials it’s made from. Even though the goalposts are 60mm, they are super durable and can withstand very powerful strikes.

Such a goal post could be great for aspiring young soccer players that would like to train soccer in the backyard.

I also tested the soccer net which comes with the package. To my surprise, they are very durable and after my research, I found out that they’re UV treated, which increases their durability.

What is also awesome about this brand soccer goal is that you can choose from a variety of sizes. I tested 16ft x 7ft size, however, you can pick what suits you more.

There are sizes from 6ft x 4ft to 24ft x 8ft.

One downside I see with this soccer goal is its price. The prices for the smallest goals up to 16ft x 7ft are pretty much reasonable, but after that, it can get pricey.

Either way, it depends on you what you’re looking for.

  • Durable construction
  • High-quality soccer net
  • Portable & foldable
  • Great for any age group
  • Variety of sizes
  • The bigger the goal, the more expensive it gets

SKLZ Quickster - The best small soccer goal

SKLZ Quickster - The best small soccer goal

8 x 5 feet | click-lock tubing | 2-ply netting

Now we’re getting to the best small soccer goal - SKLZ Quickster.

Super lightweight and easy to fold soccer goal is really awesome for daily training. It can be used by young kids and adults as well.

Thanks to the construction, you can easily set up this socce goal in 2 minutes.

What I really like about this goal is that even it’s small and looks like it won’t endure anything, it actually does. Due to the construction, SKLZ Quickster is actually perfect for high-intensity training.

For me, this is a really good option for a great price!

At the time of reviewing this soccer goal, you are able to pick from 3 sizes which gives you good options.

Overall, I’m very happy about the quality of this soccer ball and I think it finds a good place in your backyard.

  • Great for high-intensity training
  • Suitable for adults and kids
  • Lightweight and easy to set up

    Kwik Soccer Goal - The best large soccer goal

    Kwik Soccer Goal - The best large soccer goal

    24 x 8 feet | 93 lbs | 3" O.D. round aluminum construction | lifetime guarantee

    Kwik Goal Academy is the best large soccer goal for the backyard if you want to train with a real size soccer goal without the expense.

    The goal will withstand everything as the whole construction is made of durable aluminum.

    What I really like about this Kwik goal is that you will get a lifetime guarantee. That only shows how confident they are about this soccer goal.

    If you have this kind of goal in your backyard, you are free to strike with any power you desire.

    This soccer goal is also portable, in case you will be cutting the grass.

    The only con of this large soccer goal is its price, but that’s obvious as the goal is really made for players, that want to kick with power and train with intensity.

    I believe this soccer goal is a great investment.

    • Large size
    • Durability: it will survive everything
    • You get a lifetime guarantee
    • Aluminum material
    • Great for adults and all age groups
    • Expensive

    EliteGo soccer goal (set of 2) - The best portable

    EliteGo soccer goal (set of 2) - The best portable

    set of 2 | 4’ x 3’ x 3’’ each | portable | lightweight

    This set of 2 portable soccer goals should be in the go-to training equipment of every soccer player.

    EltiteGo soccer goals are super lightweight and easy to take yourself on a soccer field. You can set them up in a matter of seconds and you can start your training session.

    They don’t take up a lot of space so they are great for your backyard. Similar soccer goals are also being used by teams in training.

    These goals are made with durable and flexible fiberglass poles so you can really use them for anything.

    If you want small soccer goals or no, I believe they would be a great addition to your soccer training sessions. When it comes to price, they are super cheap. What’s even better is that they come with a storage bag.

    • Set of 2 goals
    • Great for training sessions
    • Super cheap
    • Lightweight

      Franklin Sports Blackhawk - The best budget soccer goal

      Franklin Sports Blackhawk - The best budget soccer goal

      4' x 3' size | lightweight | portable

      If you are looking for the cheapest option, but a still good quality soccer goal, you can go with Franklink Sports Blackhawk.

      They are geared toward any age group as these soccer goals have multiple uses.

      Portable soccer goals like this one are known for their durability even though they’re small.

      Very good option if you are not looking to spend hundreds of dollars.

      • Portable
      • Lightweight
      • Cheapest
      • Only one goal

        FORZA 8 x 4 Soccer Goal - The best for kids

        FORZA 8 x 4 Soccer Goal - The best for kids

        8 x 4 feet | 2mm UV stabilized HDPE net 

        Forza soccer goal is my best pick for young soccer players.

        The size of this goal corresponds with the official sizes for official matches of U10.

        Either way, it can be a great soccer goal for your backyard. However, this soccer goal is not suitable for adults. Anyways, we have a lot of options for adults so feel free to skip this one.

        What I really like about this soccer goal is the design and its thick goal posts. I feel like this is a dream of every kid.

        When I was a little boy, I always dreamed of waking up and seeing this type of soccer goal in the backyard! Your kid will love this soccer goal!

        • Great for kids
        • Design
        • Durability
        • Not suitable for adults

          FORZA Alu110 - The best soccer goal with wheels

          FORZA Alu110 - The best soccer goal with wheels

          If you are looking for the best soccer goal with wheels, this is a great option for you.

          When I was picking the goal, I was looking at the price and the quality of the goal.

          What I really dig about Forza ALU110 are 110mm aluminum goalposts with a 5mm all-weather net.

          This soccer goal has wheels, which can be flipped and then used for transportation. It has 4 big wheels so you don’t have to worry that it’s heavy.

          Forza Alu110 is a really awesome soccer goal for your backyard and due to thick goalposts it’s super durable.

          • 4 wheels
          • 110mm aluminum goalposts
          • very durable
          • price

          FORZA ALU110 24x8 - The best expensive soccer goal

          FORZA ALU110 24x8 - The best expensive soccer goal

          By now you should notice that FORZA is a great brand for soccer goals. They are really putting effort into making their products great, and that’s a reason why I picked a lot of soccer goals as a best in my buying guide.

          The most expensive soccer goal I could find was Alu110, which is 24x8 feet and is suitable for small stadiums, soccer fields and backyard as well - mainly because of the wheels.

          This expensive soccer goal is portable due to 4 wheels it has attached on both sides.

          Very good soccer goal if you are not afraid to spend some more money.

          Same as previous Forza Alu110 model, this one has 110mm reinforced aluminum posts.

          Also, this soccer goal is FIFA/UEFA approved internationally and recognized as a full size soccer goal.

          • goal for backyard, soccer fields, stadiums
          • full size soccer goal
          • 4 wheels which makes it portable
          • very high quality materials
          • the most expensive

          Choosing the best soccer goal for backyard - The only buying guide you’ll ever need

          There are so many soccer goals to pick from, how do you know you will pick the right one?

          If you think that buying the most expensive soccer goal will cut it, you’re far from the truth.

          But don’t worry! I’m here to assist you with picking the right soccer goal for your backyard that will meet your needs and preferences.

          I highly recommend you to go through this buying guide slowly, so you can make the best decision for yourself.

          Let’s start with the usage of the soccer goal!

          Different types of soccer goals

          There are four types of soccer goals:

          • Goals for training

          Soccer goals for training are super small and easy to fold. Most of the times they come with a storage bag so you can take them with yourself on a soccer field.

          You can use them for left tap-ins, passes and other types of soccer exercises.

          This type of soccer goal is for you, if you’re going to do high intensive training focusing on precision.

          I personally use them and they are an amazing helper on my training sessions.

          • Goals for game

          In case you are looking for a soccer goal for your backyard, so you can play soccer with your friends, this is your option.

          Soccer goals for this purpose can be large, or even small. This depends on your budget and preference. The larger soccer goals are less likely to be portable, but on the other hand they are more durable.

          How am I going to use this soccer goal?

          That’s a question you need to ask yourself, before picking a soccer goal for backyard.

          Let me show how that process in mind should go:

          Are you going to mostly play soccer with your friends?

          Then you should get a soccer goals that are meant for game. Most of the times a medium size will cut it. If you have more flexible budget, you can go for a bigger soccer goals.

          Are you going to mostly use them on your training sessions?

          Get a small portable soccer goals. Not only they’re easy to fold, but they also doesn’t take up a lot of space. You can easily train with them different types of soccer excercises.

          Also, if you like to practice shooting, you could get a large soccer goal. However, you need to be aware that these are the most expensive ones. Yet, still great investment in your soccer career!

          Price / Quality: How good you want your soccer goal to be?

          When it comes to buying a soccer goal, you need to definitely consider this.

          Are you going to invest in a good soccer goal that will withstand your powerful strikes? Or you are willing to risk it and go with a smaller, less durable but also less expensive soccer goal?

          Of course, prices depend on usability. For ex. small portable soccer goals are super cheap, while one large soccer goal can cost you hundreds of dollars.

          But the price has also an effect on the quality of a soccer goal.

          Conclusion: picking the best soccer goal for the backyard

          Now you should know everything on how to go about buying the best soccer goal.

          Make this buying decision with someone, so you don’t get too hooked to only one specific soccer goal just because you like it.

          Picking the best soccer goal for the backyard doesn’t have to be a hard task. Just consider things we discussed and you should be fine!

          Down below is also a short FAQ regarding soccer goals, so feel free to check it out!

          FAQ - Frequently asked questions

          Let me answer some of the most frequent questions when it comes to soccer goals.

          What size soccer goal for the backyard?

          There are many different sizes for soccer goals. However, when it comes to the backyard, the most aesthetic and good-looking soccer goals are the smaller ones. If you have have a lot of free space, you can get large soccer goals. Just keep in mind that the smaller place you have, the smaller goals should be.

          How much are soccer goals?

          Soccer goals can cost anything from 30$ up to 5,000$. The price depends on the size, materials and quality. If you are looking for a nice soccer goal for the backyard, you can expect to pay 200$ - 600$. There are also small portable soccer goals, that are quite affordable and can cost anything up to 100$.

          How to make soccer goals by yourself?

          You can make a soccer goal by yourself at home, with a few materials such as wooden poles, nails and something that will replace the net. However, in this process, many things can go wrong and that’s why we recommend buying a soccer goal, instead of making one yourself.

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