The 13 Best Soccer Balls of 2023 - Comparison & Buying Guide

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February 21, 2021

Are you tired looking for the “best soccer ball”?

When you go to almost every internet store, you will be overwhelmed with hundreds of options.

Which soccer ball should you buy? Should you buy the most expensive ball? Or you will be fine with the cheap one?

No worries! I did all the hard work for you! Basically, I got the most popular balls of 2022 and reviewed each one of them. I updated this guide on 1/17/2023 so you have most updated results!

If you are in hurry, here’s the result of my review process:

Soccer goal Main Features Price
The Best OverallSelect Brillant Super FIFA the best soccer ball option Select Brillant Super FIFA
  • 3D diamond texture
  • Stable trajectory
  • High-quality foam
Premier League BallNike Flight Soccer Ball Premier League soccer ball Nike 2022 EPL Flight Soccer Ball
  • Premier League official ball
  • 8 Years and 1,700 hours tested
  • Aerosculpt technology
Best Training Ball Adidas Tiro Pro soccer ball Adidas Tiro Pro for Training
  • Best training ball
  • Thermally bonded
  • Very durable
La Liga BallPuma Adrenalina soccer ball Puma Orbita 2022/23 La Liga Official Soccer Ball
  • Official ball for La Liga
  • Great quality
  • FIFA Quality Pro Certified
Adidas Finale Pro Soccer soccer ball Adidas UCL Pro Winter Soccer Ball - Official
  • Champions League ball
  • Nice design
  • Great for collection
Puma Accelerate soccer ball Puma Accelerate La Liga Match Soccer Ball
  • 8 panels with PU
  • Puma Air Lock
  • La Liga ball for 19/20
MLS BallAdidas MLS Pro soccer ball Adidas MLS Pro 2022
  • MLS official ball
  • 3D Texture
  • Great price
Wilson NCAA Forte Fybrid II soccer ball Wilson NCAA Vivido Match Soccer Ball
  • Visibility
  • Fybrid technology
  • Amazing visibility
Seria A BallPuma teamFINAL 21.1 FQP Soccer ball Puma Orbita Seria A 2022/2023 Match Ball
  • Affordable price
  • Official Seria A Ball
  • Great ball "on budget"

I know you are in hurry! Let's jump straight to the topic that you care about:

Soccer balls reviews

Each soccer ball mentioned in this guide was very carefully tested by me. Before writing the review, I played with a soccer ball for a full week to experience all its upsides and downsides. This is the only way I can rank them accurately.

This article contains affiliate links where I may receive a small commission at no cost to you

Select Brillant Super FIFA Soccer Ball - The Best Overall

I was never so happy about a soccer ball as before. Kicking to this soccer ball makes me feel like I'm playing the finals of the Champions League. For me personally, it’s definitely a winner.

I won’t lie to you, the decision was really hard to make as there are a lot of great balls.

But what I think makes this ball special, is the design of this Select Brillant Super FIFA soccer ball and how it’s made.

The surface is covered with a 3D diamond structure which ensures stable trajectory after kick. The model of this structure also helps to optimize friction between the foot and the ball.

The outer material is really soft and made of high-quality foam.

When I was testing this ball, I tried a lot of things. Dribbling, passing, crossing, and even shooting. I can say that I was never so comfortable passing, especially with my left foot.

No wonder that I see this ball almost on every corner. Select soccer ball is famous for its minimal water absorption, which means if you leave it outside, there won’t be any damage done.

The fact that FIFA approved this ball makes it easy to say that you can’t go wrong with this option in any way. I highly recommend this soccer ball and that’s why I put it in the first place.

  • surface covered with 3D diamond structure
  • quality of the outer materials
  • very comfortable to play with
  • stable trajectory
  • minimal water absorption
  • can be pricey, but I don’t complain because the quality is speaking for itself

Nike 2022 EPL Flight Soccer Ball - Premier League soccer ball

Once I saw this soccer ball, I knew it would be ranked high in this buying guide. Did you know that there were 8 years and 1,700 hours of testing, before releasing this model?

That’s what makes this ball unique. Of course, many soccer balls are carefully tested. But a brand like Nike is just wired differently. They really did put tons of hours into making this soccer ball awesome.

Nike Flight soccer ball is currently used in the most lucrative soccer league in the world - Premier League.

The ball has 4 fuse panels, which create a great space for powerful strikes.

When I was shooting and passing, it really felt good. The ball was behaving in the air really naturally and I don’t have anything bad to say about this ball.

One thing that is a small problem for me is the price. If you would want to get a pack of 10 balls, it would be very costly. If you’re going to buy only one ball, it’s worth of the money.

  • Premier League ball
  • 8 Years and 1,700 hours tested
  • Great for strikers
  • Aerosculpt technology
  • Price, but considering this ball is used in Premier League, I’d buy this ball again

Adidas Tiro Pro - The Best training ball

Adidas Tiro Pro - The Best training ball

I was very surprised by the quality of this ball. This is a really great soccer ball for training or even a game day. It’s a great fit for everybody.

The cover is made of thermally bonded seamless construction. From my research, it should be 100% polyurethane which makes this ball super durable.

Controlling this ball is super easy and it doesn’t bounce that much as the other balls.

It mostly feels like a synthetic so it’s easy to kick or even heading this ball.

What I heard before buying this soccer ball is that it’s great for training and game day at the same time, which is not usual.

I couldn’t test it in a real game, but It convinced me that this ball could be easily used on a game day.

When I was shooting with this soccer ball, it was easy to put it where I wanted and that’s the most important thing. Very stable trajectory and doesn’t really get affected by some wind.

The bladder in this soccer ball is made for the best air retention, which makes this option really good!

  • great for training
  • low price
  • thermally bonded
  • durability
  • could be hard to kick for young players under 12 years

Puma Orbita 2022/23 La Liga Official Soccer Ball

PUMA La Liga 1 Adrenalina FIFA Quality Pro - La Liga official soccer ball

We’re getting to the Puma La Liga Adrenalina soccer ball, which is an official soccer ball for La Liga season 2021. And yes, even for games like El Clasico!

Just by looking at this ball, you can tell that the visibility of this ball won't be a problem on any soccer field. No matter if it rains, or if it’s darker, the Puma team made sure that you’ll see her.

The cover of this soccer ball is made of 8 panels with 3D texture and a PU surface. That helps to prolong the lifespan of this ball and many more things such as less water uptake.

Thanks to the newest technology, you’ll be able to shoot with power and still be very accurate. Puma did a very great job here.

I was very happy that I could test this soccer ball by myself. The fact that this soccer ball is representing La Liga speaks for itself.

What concerns me with this ball is the color. Personally, I prefer playing with a ball that has white color as a primary. Anyways, this is more like a personal preference.

  • great visibility
  • PU surface
  • 8 panels

    Adidas UCL Pro Winter Soccer Ball 2022 - Champions League official soccer ball

    Adidas Finale Pro Soccer - Champions League official soccer ball

    This soccer ball represents the 20th anniversary of the iconic “starball”, which was first used in 2001. Thanks to the design, this soccer ball became a staple of Europe’s elite tournament and will be again used this year (2021).

    As for the design, it brings the past elements and presents together. It was made with the UEFA Champions League logo in mind.

    What I dig about this Adidas Finale Pro Soccer ball is that when you are shooting, it really goes where you want it to go. When it comes to soccer, consistency is the key and I feel like this ball will help you with it.

    On the other hand, what I don’t like about this ball is the price. I think this is the most expensive soccer ball I ever reviewed.

    Even though it’s not that much bigger price, I think it’s fair to point at it.

    Overall, the ball is easy to control and will stay right next to your feet, as if you had glue on your cleats (like Iniesta).

    Definitely a great soccer ball, which will also make your soccer ball collection more valuable.

    • ball for 20th anniversary of Champions League
    • amazing design
    • soccer ball great for training and collection
    • expensive

    Puma Accelerate La Liga Match Soccer Ball

    PUMA La Liga 1 Accelerate FIFA Quality Pro - La Liga soccer ball alternative

    Would you like to know how it feels to play with a ball on a professional level in La Liga? Why not get their official soccer ball of season 19/20?

    I know their current soccer ball is called Adrenalina, however, I couldn’t find any official site where you can get the same ball.

    Even though I get the one from season 19/20, I still think it’s a really great pick for 2021. Especially for players that like possess the ball and have her close to their feet.

    Dribbling with this PUMA Accelerate FIFA ball feels really natural, and it’s easy to keep control on bad terrain.

    The ball is made of 8 panels with a 3D textural PU surface which makes the mall very durable. With that saying, you can expect less water uptake.

    Thanks to the high-quality bladder and PUMA Air Lock this Puma La Liga soccer ball has excellent air retention.

    You definitely can’t go wrong with this choice.

    • La Liga soccer ball for season 19/20
    • 8 panels with PU surface
    • easy to keep control on bad terrain
    • Puma Air Lock

      Adidas MLS Pro 2022 - MLS official Soccer Ball

      Adidas MLS Pro - MLS official Soccer Ball

      Let me introduce you to Adidas MLS Pro - an official soccer ball for MLS in 2021!

      It just feels so good to play with this ball. Like honestly, the design and colors are very well-put together.

      Ball has a nice texture and it is thermally bonded with seamless panels.

      My favorite thing about this ball is that you can curve it very easily. Perfect for practising standard situations!

      I feel like the more I review soccer balls, it’s much harder to find any negatives whatsoever. Especially when it comes to official soccer balls for best leagues in the world.

      As a last thing about this ball you should keep in mind is its price. But in my opinion, if you’re going to buy only one ball for yourself, it’s totally worth it.

      • official soccer ball for MLS
      • outer material and texture
      • much easier to curve the ball
      • price

      Wilson NCAA Vivido match soccer ball

      Wilson NCAA Forte Fybrid II - NCAA Championship official soccer ball

      Now we are looking at the NCAA soccer ball!

      As you can see, the colors are made in a way, so it’s easy to spot the ball in bad weather.

      The ball has a fybrid technology. That means it has 20 fused panels for improved sphericity and minimal water intake.

      In case that you don't like the color of this soccer ball, you can go also with white version of this ball.

      From my research I also found out that the ball has a bladder made of elastomeric-carbon, which helps to enhance balance and explosive acceleration off the foot.

      The ball seems to be very durable and I really like the overall design.

      Good choice!

      • official NCAA Championship soccer ball
      • visible colors
      • fybrid technology
      • elastomeric-carbon
      • official NCAA Championship soccer ball
      • visible colors
      • fybrid technology
      • elastomeric-carbon

        PUMA teamFINAL 21.1 FQP - The best affordable option

        PUMA teamFINAL 21.1 FQP - The best affordable option

        I heard that this soccer ball is used by a lot of clubs and national teams in their training process. Not sure if it’s true but I couldn’t unfortunately find any information on that.

        Puma teamFinal 21 l is one of the cheapest and you will still get amazing soccer ball.

        The ball is made of 8 panels in a unique configuration which helps players get a more secure touch.

        There’s also a very small texture which adds to the quality of the ball.

        When I was testing this ball, I really enjoyed long passes as the first touch was very easy to do. Crossing felt awesome too!

        I feel like this could be your go-to option if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a soccer ball, but still prefers quality.

        • affordable price
        • ball used by national teams and clubs
        • great for first touch
        • affordable price
        • ball used by national teams and clubs
        • great for first touch

          The best size 4 soccer ball - Adidas MLS Competition NFHS 2021

          The best size 4 soccer ball - Adidas MLS Competition NFHS 2021

          If you have a child, that is in the age group of 8-12, size 4 is a go-to option.

          I had a chance to test the quality of a few size 4 soccer balls, and from all of them I fell in love with Adidas MLS competition soccer ball. It’s basically an official soccer ball for the 2021 Major League Soccer season. Of course, in size 4.

          You can check the whole review of the soccer ball by clicking on this link (it will move you to that review section).

          I really think this is a great size 4 soccer ball.

          The best size 3 soccer ball - Nike Premier League Strike Soccer Ball

          The best size 3 soccer ball - Nike Premier League Strike Soccer Ball

          Size 3 is the best for young soccer players in the age group of 8-5. However, it can be also used by adults to increase the difficulty of some training exercises.

          I got myself a Nike Premier League Strike soccer ball. Most of the 3 size balls are plastic, but this ball is made of rubber and has a 3D texture on it.

          This is my most favorite size 3 soccer ball. I reviewed the same ball of size 5 in the review section.

          Best soccer ball for freestyle - Senda Street Freestyle ball

          Best soccer ball for freestyle - Senda Street Freestyle ball

          If you’re passionate about freestyle and doing amazing tricks, this streetball could be a very interesting option for you.

          I don’t personally have her, but for the review I borrowed it from my friend. 

          I can say that it’s a great ball for juggling and doing freestyle tricks, as it’s designed for it. The inner part bladder is specially edited for extended air retention, which makes it super easy to do tricks.

          Senda street freestyle ball is cheap and you can get her from Amazon for under 35$. What a great deal!

          • super cheap
          • extended air retention
          • great ball for freestylers
          • created only for freestyle

          The best soccer ball for rough surface and concrete - American Challenge All Terrain ball

          The best soccer ball for rough surface and concrete - American Challenge All Terrain ball

          American Challenge All Terrain ball is one of the best soccer balls to play with on a street and concrete.

          Thanks to its durability and materials it is a perfect ball for rough surfaces.

          What makes this soccer ball perfect for concrete is the material used on casing. It’s made from rubber tire tread, which gives this ball amazing durability. No matter how rough terrain you play on, this soccer ball will survive it!

          One of the biggest downsides is that this ball is not that good on normal soccer fields. However, for its price this ball is a complete steal.

          • super durable
          • rubber tire tread material
          • ball will survive any rough terrain
          • very cheap
          • not so good on normal soccer field

          The best eco-friendly soccer ball size 3 - Eco Sports

          This Size 3 Soccer Ball is one of the best balls you can buy for your kids.

          Eco Sports is eliminating leather in all sporting goods starting with soccer balls. It is made from a sustainable, cruelty-free material that is biodegradable & recyclable. It is also much safer than the toxic PU most soccer balls are made with today.

          With all these “Green” features the ball still retains high quality and durability! The Size 3 Soccer Ball is fit for kids under the age of 8 looking to great air pressure, a soft touch, and the ability to take your game to the next start their soccer careers and learn the basics.

          The ball is created with 32 Panels to enhance optimal ball flight and precise feel when dribbling, passing, & shooting the soccer ball. Additionally, the material is water & scratch resistant for those cold or rainy days making the ball extremely long lasting.

          The two different color options make the ball easy to see when playing whether its turf, grass, or black top. Eco Sports is changing the game with sustainable soccer that performs just like any other on the market.

          And for the price it costs, this is definitely a great deal! I highly recommend it 🙂

          • Recycable materials
          • Eco-friendly
          • Great durability
          • 32 Panels
          • Great price!

          Choosing the best soccer ball - The only buying guide you’ll ever need

          I know it can be scary to go and pick one soccer ball when there are hundreds to pick from.

          My goal is to reduce the feeling of analysis paralysis you’re probably having and help you to make the best purchase decision.

          I’d like to start with defining what types of soccer balls there are.

          Let’s dive right into it!

          Soccer balls for different type of use

          There are three main types of soccer balls:

          1. Professional / Official balls / Game balls

          These are the ones that are being used in the top soccer leagues around the world.

          For example:

          The Premier League this season is playing with Nike Flight Soccer Ball.

          La Liga is being represented by PUMA La Liga 1 Adrenalina.

          And list goes on..

          But that doesn’t mean you can’t train with a professional soccer ball. In the review section I added professional soccer balls that are affordable.

          Of course, this type of soccer ball tends to be more expensive but it’s not a big deal.

          Professional (or official) balls are great for everyone,who wants to train and play with the same soccer balls that professionals play with.

          Most of these balls are certified and tested by FIFA, so you can be more than sure that they’re high-quality. Here is a short video on what they actually test.

          These balls are also made especially for game days, but there’s nothing wrong with taking them on a training session.

          1. Training balls

          Next type are soccer balls for training. These are specially made for intensive day-to-day training sessions.

          Training balls must be very durable and they tend to have slightly longer longevity.

          That means, you can play with them almost every single day, and they still survive the immense pressure and energy generated by your foot.

          Most of the time, they are suitable for every playing surface and every age group.

          They are also slightly cheaper than game balls. If you’re considering buying more than five soccer balls, you should go with training ones as it will save you a lot of money.

          1. Replicas

          Third type of soccer balls are replicas.

          We won’t pay much attention to these today, but it’s good to know how to recognize them.

          Replicas are basically copies of official balls. However, they are made of low quality materials and are not as good as officials.

          Trust me, if you’re over 14, you don’t want to play with replicas.

          For these reasons I didn’t include them in my review section.

          How am I going to use this soccer ball?

          This is a question you should ask yourself, before choosing the right soccer ball.

          Are you going to be playing just for fun?

          Get a training soccer ball. That’d be better. Despite that, I’m convinced that you should get the professional soccer ball.

          Do you train every day? Do you take your soccer career seriously?

          Get an official soccer ball. There’s nothing better than training with balls that professionals play with. The sooner you start with these soccer balls, the better.

          I recommended balls like #BALL NAME# or  #BALL NAME# in my review section, because they are professional balls that can be used in day-to-day training.

          So yeah, I hope this cleared a few things for you.

          Now let’s talk about the sizes really quickly.

          Soccer Ball Sizes

          If you’re playing soccer for some time, you already know the soccer sizes.

          In case you don’t, here’s the explanation.

          Size 5

          This size of soccer ball is for players above the age of 12.

          Circumference of 27″-28″.

          Weight approximately 410-450 grams.

          Size 4

          Size 4 is geared towards players for 8-12 years old

          Circumference of 25″-26″.

          Weight approximately 350-390 grams.

          Size 3

          Size with number 3 is for players with age 8-5.

          Circumference of 23″-24″.

          Weight approximately 300-320 grams.

          Size 2

          Size with number 3 is for players with age 8-5.

          Circumference of 20″-22″.

          Weight approximately 250-280 grams.

          Size 1

          This size represents the soccer balls that are used as souvenirs for collectors, or toys for kids that are having less than 3 years.

          Also, keep in mind that there are occasions when even professional players get balls of sizes 2-3. The main purpose for that is to train and drill technique exercises, which are much harder with smaller balls.

          Pick the right size of soccer ball

          If you’re picking a soccer ball for your younger brother that is 10 years old, size 4 will suit him better than size 5.

          Other than that, I believe most of the readers will need size 5.

          Determine for who is the soccer ball first and then reference back to the chart, you could see about the sizes above.

          Soccer ball materials and structures

          Nowadays there are many brands that are constantly coming to the market with new technologies and innovations.

          Soccer ball is no rocket science, but still, there are things that you need to know regarding the materials and structure.

          Bladder - The “soul” of the soccer ball

          What is a bladder?

          Bladder is basically one of the most important parts of the ball located right inside. The main function of the bladder is to hold all the air in.

          There are two types of bladders:

          • Butyl bladder
          • Latex bladder

          With each type comes a few pros and cons.

          Butyl bladders are cheaper and are more efficient at retaining air for a longer time. The biggest disadvantage is that they don’t provide the optimal responsiveness. However, they are much more durable and for that reason, they can be mostly found in training soccer balls.

          Latex bladders are on the other hand more expensive. They offer better feel, touch and responsiveness. But, when it comes to air retention, they are not as good as butyl bladders. However, they are more premium and are inside of the most expensive soccer balls.

          Lining - More lining layers, the better

          Lining is a thin component located between the bladder and the case. It’s main job is to maintain the shape and structure of the soccer ball. 

          Most of the times you won’t look at this spec, however I’ll give you a small tip:

          The more lining layers, the better a soccer ball quality is.

          Cover - The part of soccer ball you can actually see

          Now we’re coming to the parts that you can actually see.

          The outer materials and cover.

          Cover is basically the casing of the soccer ball and its main job is protecting the inner parts of the ball such as the bladder and lining.

          Covers are usually made of:

          • PVC (Poly Vinyl Carbonate)
          • PU (Polyurethane)
          • Rubber and plastic

          Now, which one is better?

          PU is more expensive material and it’s usually used on professional soccer balls. Soccer balls made of PU are softer and much more responsive, which means that they are easy to control.

          PVC is cheaper, but more durable. Majority of training balls will have PVC material so it’s at least good to know what you’re buying. PVC is also on soccer balls that are meant for soccer played indoor or on turf.

          There’s also a third option, which are rubber and plastic. These materials are very common on replicas and I don’t recommend them. Rubber and plastic makes the soccer ball less responsive and it’s super hard to control them.

          Panels - The amount makes a difference

          Panels are the main parts of the ball structure. The amount and the way they’re sealed together makes a big impact on the ball's flight.

          The number of panels makes a big difference.

          You’ll see some balls with more panels, while some will have only a few.

          The more panels there is, the easier it is to control the ball.

          On the other hand, the less panels will help you to find the right spot with your foot to strike at the target with precision. You can curve the ball much easier if it has less panels as well.

          Price / Quality: How good you want your ball to be?

          So when it comes to picking a right soccer ball, you need to determine what is more important for you.

          Will you sacrifice the quality of the ball so you can save a few dollars?


           Will you decide to invest in a soccer ball that will be the best you ever had?

          This is a very important step and you need to really make a decision here.

          Keep in mind, that you don’t have to buy “the best and the most expensive soccer ball in the whole world” (unless you want.. if yes, go for it). All you need is a soccer ball, that will help you to achieve your soccer goals.

          Let me share with you my personal opinion on this.

          I’m going to be completely honest. I used to train with cheap balls because I thought that if I buy 3 balls for the price of one professional, I will be good!

          You know, I was like “heck, I will buy three cheaper balls instead of one expensive and that will be even better!”.

          Little I knew that 2 out of 3 of these balls popped in 1 month from my intensive training sessions. Not even mentioning, that they were just terrible.

          So please, if you are considering buying more balls because they are cheaper, really think about it. Why are the balls you are buying cheap? Quality.

          If you are considering buying a more expensive one, I can only encourage you because you will definitely get a better quality. However, keep in mind that you don’t have to spend 2 hundreds on a great soccer ball.

          Anyways, feel free to check my review section once more for some great tips. I believe you will find there the right soccer ball.

          Conclusion: picking the best soccer ball

          So here we are, at the very end of this comprehensive and most complete buying guide on soccer balls.

          There are many great soccer balls out there and it’s only on you to make a decision to pick one. I was here to assist you with that process and I hope this article helped you!

          If you’re having any questions, let me know! Down below I answered the most frequent questions people have so feel free to check it out!

          The best soccer ball: FAQ - Frequently asked questions

          Now let’s answer some of the most common questions when it comes to soccer balls, shall we?

          What is the best material for a soccer ball?

          The best material for soccer ball is a combination of Latex bladder, a lot of lining layers and a cover made of Polyurethane (PU) material. These materials are mostly used in official soccer balls of size 5, which are being used in the majority of professional soccer matches. The material usually determines if the ball is for a game day or training.

          What is the best quality soccer ball?

          There are a lot of great soccer balls and there is not one winner. Every soccer ball has it’s pros and cons, however there are a few balls that are great for their durability and quality. Brands like Nike, Adidas and Select are famous for making balls that are made of high-quality materials.

          What is the best air pressure for a soccer ball?

          There’s an official FIFA rule, which says that the soccer ball must have a pressure between 8.5 psi and 15.6 psi. That’s a room where you can test and experiment what suits you better. However, most soccer coaches found that the best air pressure is around 11.5 psi.

          How are soccer balls made?

          The process of making a soccer ball consists of lining the cover material, cutting the panels, imprinting the panels, making the bladder and finally stitching and final assembling all components together. After that, most of the soccer balls go through 7 essential tests from FIFA, which will determine if the ball will be certified or not.

          What soccer ball is the best for kids?

          Although there’s no exact answer, it’s highly recommended that they will play with a soccer ball of sizes 4 or 3, depending on their age. The balls with sizes 4 and 3 are usually much smaller and lighter. That’s why kids should start with them. When a child reaches 12 years, he should be given a soccer ball of size 5.

          What size soccer ball for a 10 year old?

          The best size of soccer ball for a 10 year old is the size 4. This size is smaller in circumference and lighter in weight, which makes the soccer ball easy to play with for a 10 year old. Once a child reaches 12 years, he should be given a soccer ball of size 5.

          What size soccer ball for a 9 year old?

          9 Years old soccer players should be playing with the size of 4. The circumference is smaller, which makes the ball easy to manipulate for a 9 year old. Also, the weight is lighter. When a 9 year old reaches 12 years, he should be playing with the size 5.

          What size soccer ball for an 8 year old?

          When a kid reaches age 8, it is time for him to start playing with the size of soccer ball 4. These are not that big as size 5, and that’s the main reason why they are easy to play with for 8 year olds. The kids until age of 8 should play with size 3.

          What size soccer ball for a 7 year old?

          The best size of soccer ball for a 7 year old is 3. This size is especially made for kids that are less than 8 years old. Size 3 is very small and weighs much less than other sizes. That’s why it’s highly recommended that 7 years old will play with size 3.

          What size soccer ball for a 6 year old?

          It’s recommended that kids that are 6 years old will play with the size of 3. Size 3 is very small and light in weight, so there won’t be any problem with manipulation. The ball of sizes 4 and 5 could be too big for your 6 year old and that’s a bad thing.

          What size soccer ball for a 5 year old?

          The best size of soccer ball for a 5 year old is size 3. When they reach 8 years, they can progress to size 4. But for now, 3 is more than great. Your kid is probably just starting with soccer so he needs the right size for him, and that is size 3.

          What size soccer ball for a 4 year old?

          If you’re having a 4 year old soccer player at home, he should be starting out with the size 2. Size 2 is the super small version of soccer ball, and also almost the lightest. That’s why it’s so easy for your 4 year old to kick the ball. Just imagine how difficult it would be for him to try to kick to professional size!

          What size soccer ball for a 3 year old?

          The best size of soccer ball for your 3 year old kid is 2. This is the perfect size as the ball is very small and light. The ball must be small enough so it won’t cause any problems to your 3 year old. That’s why size 3 is in this case the perfect solution! Get your kid the size of ball 3 and help him to start building a relationship to soccer now!

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