Do Soccer Players Bench Press? (Answered)

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January 29, 2022

So I'm sitting here at my sofa, reading a few blog comments, and one comment asks the question regarding weight-lifting.

Do soccer players bench press?

Yes. Soccer players do bench a lot - as it is the part of strength training that is essential for a good performance on the pitch. The actual weight of a bench press for soccer players tends to be much lighter, since the goal is not bulking, but gaining strength.

Interesting right? Many young soccer players think that gym is bad, but that can't be farther from the truth.

Now let's move on to another pretty common question.

Is bench press good for soccer players?

So now we learned that footballers do bench.

Now you might be wondering: "But is the bench press good for soccer players"?

The bench press is a very good exercise for soccer players because they benefit from it in various ways. It is an essential part of strength training since it has a direct impact on a performance on the pitch. In fact, defenders are well known to be very strong in the upper body, which helps them to win the ball more often.

Back in the days when I was playing soccer as a professional - we had strength training every other day.

You might be wondering why soccer players need to do bench press, and I understand that reaction.

The thing is that with each day there are higher standards and higher demands to be a pro soccer player. You need to be faster, stronger, and smarter than your competition.

10-20 years ago you didn't have to be well-prepared, but times changed and now you have to be strong physically. A strong upper body helps you to shield your ball, protect your ball, win more balls and be stronger in the air - not to even mention that it has a positive impact on your speed - and performance overall.

Do soccer players need chest muscles?

As I mentioned previously, having a strong upper body is very important for your performance.

I guarantee to you, that every single pro player has done some sort of strength training as a part of their preparation.

Alright. But do soccer players need chest muscles? Do they need to have a stronger upper body as well?

The answer is yes. Soccer players need to have developed chest muscles in order to be able to protect the ball, win more balls, and be more athletic. It has a direct impact on their performance on the pitch and the strength of the upper body determines how many balls they will be able to win.

So next time you are thinking about slacking that gym, just know that every single pro is doing some kind of strength & function training. Also, did you know that protein shakes are a really great supplement if you want to build muscles? Yeah!

Are weights good for soccer players?

Weight training in combination with strength training is definitely good for soccer players. The strength of their muscles helps them to win more balls - and that way impacts their game in a positive way. Many people think, that soccer players can't really hit the gym, but opposite is the truth,

So the next time you will be wondering, if it's actually good for you as a soccer player - the answer is yes!

I talked with many fitness trainers and soccer coaches, and every single one of them recommended that a good soccer player is not only smart and skilled with the ball - but a very strong physically.

Speed, strength, and ability to win the ball are very underestimated by soccer players, but it's these three that might give you that edge over the competition.

Wrapping it up

So to just summarize it in a few bullet points:

  • Soccer players do bench press - as it is a vital part of the strength training.
  • Bench press positively impacts the performance of the soccer players - as it helps them to be more phisically equipped and that helps them to win more balls.
  • Soccer players also needs to have a chest muscles in order to be able to shield wall.
  • Weight training and strenght training are a must if you want to be able to make it in the soccer.

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