Do Soccer Players Get Fined for Red Cards? (Here’s when they do)

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January 30, 2022

Yesterday I've seen in the sports news how one soccer player got fined by UEFA for a very bad tackle he did on another player previous match. Fine was almost $5,000 for him and $25,000 for his club which is crazy!

That alone got me thinking a lot about this topic, so I thought I will make some research and will write an article with all the answers!

So let me answer your question: Do soccer players get fined for red cards?

Soccer players most of the time don't get fined for the red card. Most of the time penalty for the red card is being suspended, for 1-2 upcoming matches depending on the competition. However, in case it was intentional tackle where a player meant to hurt the other soccer player, his club might get a penalty, and the club could potentially fine his soccer player - depending on the contract.

I've had many questions before same as you, so prepare to dive into this long article about red cards in soccer.

What is the penalty for getting a red card in soccer?

As I already mentioned, getting fined for a red card really depends on the damage made, competition, and other factors. Some of these factors also include club - which might punish their own player for not fair play behavior. Also, disciplinary commissions might fine the player if it was some brutal tackle, or if it was racism and etc. etc.

So to clear things up, what is an actual penalty for getting a red card in soccer?

Penalty for getting a red card in soccer usually involves a player getting ejected from the current game, and might result in suspending a player for upcoming 1-3 match games. Depending on the reason behind the red card, a player might get fined by the disciplinary commission, or by his own club - depending on the contract.

So a simple tackle that would prevent the opposing team to go into a counter-attack would result in a red card - and simple ejecting from the current game. That would of course has a negative impact on your team's performance, since they would be only 10 gainst 11.

On the other hand, behavior such as racism, brutal tackle,s or intentional tackle with a goal in mind to hurt someone would probably result in getting suspended for multiple matches, and also getting fined.

Also, it's good to mention, that intentional tackle might not result immediately in a red card, or getting suspended. It always depends on the situation. So the player could get a yellow card at first - which is basically a caution for unsportsmanlike behavior.

How many games does a soccer player miss for a red card?

When a soccer player gets a red card, he usually misses upcoming 1-3 match games - depending on the competition and seriousness of the red card. If it was a regular red card for some simple tackle, the player might just get suspended for 1 upcoming match.

There are two main variables such as:

  • What kind of competition it is
  • What was red card given for

With that saying, in some leagues getting a red card might not result in missing any game whatsoever, while in Champions League or Europe League, if you would be sent off, you would be punished by missing one upcoming match.

Is the shirt pulling a red card?

Pulling the shirt of a player of the enemy team might result in a red card - however, most of the time it results in a yellow card first, which is basically a caution for unsportsmanlike behavior. Soccer players could potentially get a red card if the scenario would show, that the enemy team could potentially get into a counter-attack that would be a danger. In this case, the referee has to look at the whole situation in a bigger picture in order to give the appropriate card.

When I played, I never actually received a red card for pulling the shirt. But I believe if you would do this to do opponent while they would go one on one on the goalkeeper, you would definitely receive a red card for that!

So to answer in short:

  • If the situation is too dangerous - pulling the shirt might result in red card
  • Otherwise it is usually treated as a caution - hence a yellow card

How many red cards can a team get?

What is the actual number of red cards a team can get in a single match?

According to FIFA rules and regulations, the team can get 3 red cards in one single match. Another red card would result in an automatic win for the opponent because a team cannot get more than 3 red cards in a single soccer match.

It's funny because I have never experienced such a scenario. Usually, what happened when our team player received a red card, we started to play more for counterattacks and more carefully - because it is a dangerous position to be in.

You're basically playing 10 against 11 - so you cover less field, you have to run more, and you get more tired faster.

Source: FIFA

Is there a pink card in soccer?

No, there is no pink card in soccer as of now. Currently, there are two, and these are a yellow card (caution) and a red card (automatic ejection of the player)

I was worried why people search for this question at first - but it seems like a logical question for people that don't play soccer. I also had to google at first just in case some rule changed recently.

Is there a purple card in soccer?

There is no purple card in soccer. Right now there are only two: yellow card and red card.

Is there a green card in soccer?

No, there is no green card in soccer. As of now, two are enough and these are yellow card - which stands for caution, and red card - which stands for automatic ejection of the player from the match.

Wrapping it up

So I think I covered everything that I wanted.

So in a summary (because everyone loves summary) you learned that:

  • Getting a red card might, and might not result in a fine - depending on the factors such as situation, club policy, disciplinary comission and etc.
  • Most common penalty for getting a red card is getting automatically ejected from the match, and potential suspending from the upcoming matches - again depending on the competition.
  • The shirt pulling is mostly punished by yellow card - but sometimes you can get also a red card depending on the context of the behaviour.
  • Team can get 3 red cards at max according FIFA rules and regulations - if they would get another, match would be canncelled and the opponent would win the game.
  • In soccer, the only card you can get are yellow (caution) and the red card (automatic ejection from the match).

So I hope you learned something new about red cards, and I'll see you in another post!

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