Futsal Shoes Usage Guide (When You Can & Can’t Wear Them)

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February 5, 2022

Futsal shoes are great shoes that are made for futsal and indoor soccer. But what if you have other activities and you don't want to spend money on another pair? Where else you can wear these futsal shoes?

I'm gonna give you all the answers!

Are futsal shoes good for running?

Even though I understand your question, I think you should definitely buy a pair of shoes, that are meant for runners. And good thing is that you don't even have to spend hundreds of dollars - all you need is a pair with a proper sole for around $80 bucks.

So to answer your question if futsal indoor shoes are good for running:

It's fine to use futsal shoes for running, but it is not optimal. Experts recommend buying running shoes for running activities. The main reason why is that the futsal shoe has non-marking, which means it has a flat sole so it prevents you from slipping. However, this flat sole doesn't support you that well in terrain outside.

Are futsal shoes good for volleyball?

Futsal shoes are a great choice to go with when playing volleyball. They prevent slipping as a consequence of the rubber flat sole. Futsal is being played in a very similar material as volleyball is, so you can definitely wear futsal shoes for volleyball.

When I was playing volleyball in my high school, I was wearing literally the same indoor soccer shoes for futsal and for volleyball. I never experienced any trouble. In fact, I always felt really comfortable wearing them.

Are futsal shoes good for walking?

Would you like to use futsal shoes casually? Well, let me tell you, it's definitely not a good idea.

First of all, they just don't look good when you wear them outside. Their design is not really fancy, so from that point of view, I would definitely pass on this idea.

When it comes to wearing futsal shoes for casual walking, here is what is recommended:

Futsal shoes are not optimal for walking. It is not recommended to use them for hours of walking, mainly because they were designed for playing futsal. Using futsal indoor shoes for casual walking might potentially harm your ankles and foot in the long term.

See, If you don't want to be cheap on your health, please get a proper pair of shoes for that specific activity.

Can you play badminton with futsal shoes?

You can definitely use futsal shoes or any other indoor soccer shoes for badminton. Futsal shoes are having flat rubber soles, which help you to not slip when you react fast. You will only benefit from wearing futsal shoes for badminton.

Honestly, I never ever played badminton competitively so I can't tell for myself, but experts have been more than clear on this topic. Futsal shoes are great for literally any type of indoor sport.

Can you wear basketball shoes for futsal?

I also heard someone ask this question: Can you wear basketball shoes for futsal?

It is not recommended to wear basketball shoes for futsal, because you can easily damage your footwear. Basketball shoes are specifically designed for basketball. The movements you make in futsal might damage your basketball shoes much faster. Soccer indoor shoes are recommended instead.

Wrapping it up

So as you could learn from this article, indoor soccer shoes, or futsal shoes, are great to use for any type of indoor sport such as badminton, volleyball, floorball and etc.

While they are great for indoor use, it's not recommended to use them for outside activities such as walking or running. The main reason is the sole and the build of the futsal shoes.

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