How to Become a Professional Soccer Player at 18?

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February 19, 2021

So you’re about to become an adult and you are wondering, how to become a prefessional soccer player at 18?

You can become a professional soccer player at 18 by starting playing soccer as early as possible. Starting early will give you a good foundation on which you can build your skills in your teenage years. When you reach 15 years, things will start to become interesting as the scouts will start coming to your league matches and that’s showtime!

There’s a lot of ways to become a professional soccer player at 18.

However my question for you. Why would you limit yourself with an age?

You can always become a professional soccer player at 16, at 20, or even at 25. There are a lot of examples of professional soccer players, that came out from nowhere and now they’re tearing soccer fields!

Great example: N’Golo Kante

He worked his way up from the ninth division of the French game with JS Suresnes and now recently just won the World Cup! Crazy right?

Or another example could be Jamie Vardy. He started at the bottom in England and came out as the best striker for the year 2015/2016 and won the Premier League.

There are many more examples of how hard work and persistence pay off, but there’s another topic to talk about.

External pressure from your family or friends. You are googling how to become a professional soccer player at 18 because if you don’t you will have to start working and every your dream will fall apart.

However, let me tell you that you can find a good job and still be able to play consistently. A great example is Virgil Van Dijk - center defender of Liverpool. There’s one interview of him saying that when he was 19-20, he had a job paying few bucks per hour. Can you imagine?

So even though everybody pressures you to get a job, stay focused and keep an eye on your dream. Even when you reach more than 18 years, it’s still possible for you to play at a professional level.

Define your success and goals

This is your reason why you’re doing what you’re doing.

It should be something deep. Something that fires your soul and drives you.

Because when life happens, you get injured and etc.. your why will keep in your game. You just need that fuel, and your why will provide it.

Also, it’s proven, that people who write their goals down on paper are much more likely to actually accomplish them. You can read about that here.

Work harder and smarter

Working harder and smarter? Yes!

I hope you didn’t expect me to not say it, but without hard work, there won’t be any reward.

There’s so much competition that it’s not enough to just work harder.

You also need to work smarter. You need access to the right information and then apply it to your game, fitness, recovery, and lifestyle.

If you just work hard without knowing what you’re doing, chances are that you will get soon injured. And that’s not what we want.

Remember, always learn from other mistakes so you don’t have to repeat them by yourself. It’s very simple. Also reading books or articles on the internet, or even watching youtube videos can be really helpful.

Internet is one big library with information that is for free, waiting to be consumed by you. So there’s not excuse.

Start networking

What if I told you that you can start hitting up agents and managers when you’re 16 by e-mail?

Yes, you definitely can and that’s what I did!

Of course, be careful about who you speak to because there are also not very honest people, that are looking at you only for money.

But if you keep searching, keep talking to people, you will find one day the one, that will be working hard on your dream as well.

Just imagine how much you could progress when you’re not alone working on your dream. Now you will be two!

Consistency is important

I cannot stress this point enough.

Professional soccer players are very consistent with their performance and that’s what separates them from bad players.

They are consistent because they never take a pause for months.

And what’s stopping you to practice every day? Now I don’t mean working super hard in fitness, because that would only result in burnout.

I’m talking about practicing fundamentals like passing a ball, crossing, heading and etc.

Consistency is what makes the difference.

Keep the faith and have a strong will

Life happens okay? Sometimes you will go through so much that you will want to just give up.

But trust me, once that situation will be over, you’ll look at it in a different way. You’ll notice, that you came out of that uncomfortable situation as a better person and player.

A soccer career is full of ups and downs, so be prepared for that and always keep the faith in yourself and your goals.

This leads me to explain to you why you shouldn’t limit your success with age.

What are the odds of becoming a professional soccer player?

Let’s get this straight and I’m going to be completely honest with you.

The % of soccer players that make it to the pro is astronomical. My point is not to lower your confidence, but it’s true. Despite that fact, forget about the odds and calculating your % chance of making it. You’re just overthinking. It’s completely useless. You never know when some scout will notice you.

That’s why it’s important to keep showing up, keep playing and have faith that one day you will turn your odd in your favor.

Because what would mean success for you?

Maybe getting an agent that would help you to find a better club? In order to get an agent, he needs to see you play and when that happens, you better be ready.

Success is basically when opportunity meets preparation. But how that can happen when most of the young soccer players give up and stop playing after 18?

Last words

Just keep playing even after when you hit 19 and nothing happens.

When you reach 18 years old, your old soccer teammates start looking for jobs, which is normal. But they also stop playing soccer and that’s a time when you will continue working on your craft.

Eventually, it will happen, and you will be able to live your dream!

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