12 Signs Your Kid is Great at Soccer

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February 19, 2021

If you’re reading this article, you are probably a parent trying to find out if your child is good at soccer.

You might be asking:

How to tell if your child is good at soccer? You can tell if a child is good at soccer if it’s natural with a ball. When a child loves to play with a ball a lot or touches the ball a lot. The major soccer development is happening in 8-12 years where they can obtain motorically movements and that way become “natural” talents so you have to respect the process.

I’m going, to be honest with you.. What mostly matters is that the child is enjoying the sport and doesn’t feel pressured into playing.

That’s where the miracles happen. I remember myself when I was nonstop outside playing on the streets with my neighbors.

When I was doing bad at school, my mom was not letting me going to play outside soccer as a punishment for me.. That’s how much I loved soccer as a young.

And your child needs to discover this passion by himself. Of course, you can guide him and take him to a local club, but you can’t force him to play.

Does he genuinely love to play soccer? Good! We can move on to the signs that will tell you that your child is great at soccer!

Here’s a complete list of 12 signs your kid is great at soccer:

  • Your kid moves naturally
  • Your kid is super fast
  • Your kid is a “leader”
  • Your kid always wants to play with a ball
  • Your kid is constantly touching the ball
  • Your kid is natural with a ball
  • Your kid spends most of his free time with soccer
  • Your kid thinks fast
  • Your kid scores a lot of goals
  • Your kid is not shy on the field
  • Your kid never gets tired
  • Your kid is not selfish

Of course, these are not things that will determine the success of your child.

Success comes from preparation and opportunity.

When a child becomes a prepared teenager and is ready to perform in front of the eyes of the scouts, looking for talents.

That’s when things will start to become interesting.

Before the age of 12, the kid’s success is mostly determined by his athleticism.

Anyways, let’s talk about each one right now!

12 Ways to tell that your child is good at soccer:

Let's dive right into it:

1. Your kid moves naturally!

When your child has motoric skills already at such a young age, it’s a great predisposition for his success in soccer.

As we talked before, when he reaches 12 years his athleticism is the most important skill he can obtain by constantly playing.

How do you know if he’s natural? Don’t worry! You’ll see it.

2. Your kid is super fast

Every person on Earth has some % of fast fibers and some % of slow fibers.

That ratio will determine (along with other factors) if your child will be the fastest on the field, or if it’ll have the best stamina on the field. Of course, stamina can be obtained by being consistent and working hard, but the fiber type has a huge impact.

If your kid has more fast fibers, it’ll be faster than a child, that never gets tired.

With that saying, if your kid is really fast and has no problem outrunning anyone, it’s a really good sign.

On the other hand, if your kid is struggling with being fast, don’t worry! He can have much better stamina. Look on Andres Iniesta or Pirlo..

Both players are not fast sprinters. What makes them fast is their decision-making and acting fast.

3. Your kid is a “leader”

This is not a 100% sign saying that your kid has a soccer talent, but anyways.. I added this sign so you can spot your young leader thriving!

You notice if the kid is making orders and commanding his teammates like “shot, shot!” or “pass me the ball!”.

This can determine if your kid will be a leader in the future, which is an important quality to have nowadays not only in soccer but in real life.

4. Your kid always wants to play with a ball

This one should be pretty much obvious.

If your kid wants to play only with a ball, it’s a sign that he is comfortable playing on a ball which is super important!

It’s almost crucial that the kid has a very positive experience playing with a ball.

5. Your kid is constantly touching the ball

Every kid that plays soccer can touch a ball.

The difference is in how the kid touches the ball and how often. If it has a lot of contacts and looks comfortable, it’s a good sign.

6. Your kid is natural with a ball

Again, a sign related to the two previous signs.

It’s essential for your kid to develop the technique and right soccer habits at such a young age.

If he feels “forced” when dribbling with a ball, you’ll notice. But don’t worry, it could be that he doesn’t have the right habits in place. Most of the issues at such a young age don’t really mean anything and can be easily fixed with work.

7. Your kid spends most of his free time with soccer

When I was young, nothing could stop me from going o the soccer field to play with friends (okay, only mom could).

The school was always secondary for us.

I’m not saying it was the right thing to do, but it only shows the passion we had for soccer.

Something similar should happen to your kid. He should be spending most of his free time playing soccer. Unforcefully, of course, that’s very important to keep in mind.

8. Your kid thinks fast

Decision-making is one of the most important things when it comes to playing soccer on a professional level.

If your kid can think fast on the field, that’s a very good predisposition.

Remember, he can always learn this skill later in 15-18 by studying games and doing game analysis. Learning never stops.

 the best players in the world are constantly having analysis before and after a soccer match.

9. Your kid scores a lot of goals

Does your kid scores a lot of goals? Great! That could make him a great striker in the future.

Some experts are saying that one of the biggest strengths of strikers is their “instinct”. They just are on the right place at the right time.

If your kid is scoring a lot of goals, it could be a very good sign!

Despite that, if your child doesn’t score a lot of goals, it’s still completely fine.

Not every young soccer player has to become a top-class striker in order to become professional.

10. Your kid is not “shy” on the field

This time under shy I mean something different.

Is your kid on the soccer field bold? Is he taking risks?

Some young players are just too afraid to make a mistake. If they are scared, we as adults (mainly coaches) need to put them in the right direction and basically encourage them to make mistakes.

Doing mistakes is the best way to learn new skills and things in life in general.

11. Your kid never gets tired

He just won’t stop running easily huh?

Having great stamina and athleticism are the most common attributes of a professional soccer player.

If they have it as young soccer players, they can easily maintain that level of stamina and strength throughout their teens.

12. Your kid is not selfish

Now we’re talking about super your 8 years old because usually most of these young soccer players are selfish. They just want to kick the ball and they want it only for them. It’s not bad at such a young age.

However, when they reach a certain age, they must understand that soccer is a team game. That passing, assists, and beautiful actions of the whole team make this soccer such a beautiful game to watch.

If your kid understands this concept at an early age, it will only help him to excel in soccer.

Never pressure your kid to be “great”

The fact that you are reading this article means that you’re highly interested in how is your young soccer player doing.

Yet, I still have to remind you that they are still kids and they do it mostly out of the love.

It doesn’t matter if you think they are great or no.

If it’s something that fills them, and if they commit to that sport, eventually they will become great at it.

Never pressure them in being great. Let them evolve. They have their own timelines and only putting pressure on them, can get things worse.

Last words

I tried to keep this article very simple and straightforward.

I think this topic would deserve much more than only one article so I will probably write some more.

If you will take at least one thing from this article, I’d be glad if it would be the one about not putting any unnecessary pressure on your kid.

I wish you, and your young soccer player all the best!

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