Soccer Fans Whistling: Everything You Need to Know in 2021

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February 23, 2022

Yesterday I watched one soccer game and there was a situation when fans started to whistle at the referee's decision.

That's when I realized, I should probably write an article on this topic.

Let's dive right into it!

Why do soccer fans whistle?

Soccer fans usually start to whistle (another form of booing) when they are not happy with the referee's decision, or after their player was fouled in a dirty way. For fans, this is one of the most common way to express their feelings about the decision that was made on the field.

There are a few ways how fans can whistle, such as using their fingers or bringing their own whistle.

However, there are whistles that are forbidden on the stadiums. The main reason why is because they can easily mislead some players on the soccer field. Of course, it depends on how many fans there are and how loud your whistle is.

Is whistling like booing?

What about booing? Is whistling same as booing?

Whistling is like another form of booing, except it can be much louder by using fingers or either a real whistle. Fans are whistling so they can express that they are not comfortable with the referee's decision, or with a certain situation on the soccer field. So yes, whistling is like booing.

What happens if a spectator blows a whistle?

If a spectator blows a whistle and it's very loud, he can be ejected from the match and stadium. The main reason why is because you can easily mislead players that they're in the offside. However, whistling in big matches with over 50,000 fans is a very common thing and it's left unpunished.

So as I mentioned already if you blow a whistle in a big soccer match, there's a very low chance that you would get ejected since your whistle would get lost in the loud noise of fan sectors.

But, if you whistle on a smaller match with fewer people, you will get probably punished by being ejected.

Personally, I don't like the idea of whistling because I know firsthand that it can easily mislead you as a player.

Are whistles allowed in stadiums?

Whistles are not allowed on the stadiums. While there are some exceptions, most of the time it's not allowed because you could easily use it as a tool for misleading players on the soccer field

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