The Best 4 Drinks You Should Drink Before a Soccer Game (Tips & Tricks)

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January 30, 2022

Are you wondering what professional soccer playeres drink before a soccer game?


You're not alone that is having the same question. Just a few years ago I didn't know how to prepare for a game - and I had no idea what drinks are best for optimal performance on the soccer field.

After speaking with many athletes, fitness trainers, and nutrition experts - I came to the conclusion, that it's important to consider adding supplements to your game day diet.

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But first, let's start with the most common question when it comes to drinking diet.

What do soccer players drink before a game?

Professional soccer players drink mostly pure water and isotonic drinks before a soccer game. There is no doubt that clean water and isotonic drinks have many benefits for a player. It's the best thing to drink for optimal hydration, replenishing electrolytes, protecting joints, avoiding cramps, and maximum muscle flexibility.

But it doesn't stop there!

Did you know that fruit such as orange, apple, or banana contains a large amount of water as well? This might sound like a logical thing - but I never thought about that this way. That might be also a reason why soccer players tend to eat fruit during halftime.

Anyways, here is a longer list of things that soccer players drink before a game:

  1. Clean water
  2. Isotonic drinks
  3. Gatorade drinks - very popular and reputable brand for isotonic drinks
  4. Healthy smoothie from fruit - not the most popular option
  5. Protein shake

Also, while there is only one type of clear water you can drink before a game, there are many many types of isotonic drinks that are beneficial - since they provide you with fast carbs.

I know many people that have different opinions on isotonic drinks. But many experts and soccer players, including me, believe that they can be an excellent supplement for players since they fuel your muscles with carbs and minerals.

4 Best drinks for soccer players

This part of the article leads me to expose some of the best drinks for soccer players to drink, right before that soccer game.

Let me start with the most obvious one.

1. The best drink - Clean water

You probably guessed this one right! Clean water is one of the best things to drink before a soccer match.

I'm not going to push affiliate links at you at the first chance I get. Even though it helps me to keep this blog free - my main goal is to give you the best diet advice for soccer I can possibly give you. And when it comes to diet before a game, I still believe clean water is the best thing you can drink before a match.

But why drinking clean water before a soccer game is benefitial? Well, it's really simple.

Here are a few benefits:

  • Water helps you to stay hydrated.
  • Replenishing your electrolytes (electrolytes are to balance the amount of water in your body).
  • Protect your joints and muscles.
  • Your whole body is made of water.
  • It's free!

What do soccer players drink before a game?

Just by looking at this image, I get immediately a thirst!

If you are like me and you don't like too much sugar, water will be always your go-to option.

And as simple as it gets, you can never go wrong with drinking clean water before a soccer game.

2. The best energy drink for soccer players

So I was a little bit skeptical about this as every doctor used to tell me when I was a younger kid: "energy drinks are not good for you!" they used to tell me.

But after some research, I found out that it's not that bad. Most of the energy drinks contain water, a lot of sugar, and caffeine - so this can pump you up really well before a match.

And now you don't really need to drink a Redbull in order to have energy. In fact, I don't recommend you to go with common retail energy drinks. Instead, grab this pack of scientifically formulated sports drink Gatorade.

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Gatorade drink before a soccer game

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3. The best isotonic drink before a soccer game

Next, I would like to talk about one of the best isotonic drinks you can get before a soccer game.

Obviously - when I mean "the best" it's from the research and from my personal preference. You might want to experiment with all kinds if isotonic drinks before you find your favorite.

However, I really like this pack that you can get at Amazon here:

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Sugar-free Gatorade drink

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I like the fact that it is sugar-free and it contains a lot of carbs - which are important to fuel your muscles with.

I really like the Gatorade isotonic drinks for some reason - I definitely should reach out to them for some sponsorship haha 😉

4. Best Gatorade drink for a soccer players

And now we're getting to my personal preference: Gatorade Original Thirst Quencher Variety Pack. I really like this Gatorade drink since it's a pack of 20 bottles and it's enough for a couple of matches.

Usually, I would buy those every 5-6 matches. Small investment but it's definitely worth it. You will get a lot of minerals and carbs inside of you right before a game, which is crucial for every endurance athlete.

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Check the price at Amazon by clicking here

How to properly hydrate before a soccer game

One of the best ways to properly hydrate your body before a soccer game is to drink small doses of water at in consistent intervals. It's recommended to drink around 20 - 30 ounces of water every hour or so. Your urine should turn to white transparent color - and that suggests that you are hydrated.

You should always listen to your body though. Some people might need more, some people might need less.

Also, don't forget to drink a lot of water at halftime. Your body sweats as you exercise so even though you hydrate yourself properly before the game, you'll need to replenish your resources of water at halftime. Make sure you don't overdo it because you might want to use a bathroom too often.

And yes.. it happened to me before 🙂 I had to use a bathroom during the match. I'll never forget the looks of my teammates haha.

Is it good to drink a protein shake before a soccer game?

While a protein shake is an important part of an athlete's diet - it is not recommended to consume protein shake in large quantities right before a soccer game. It's actually more beneficial to consume a protein shake right after the soccer game. Lighter meals and drinks such as isotonic drinks are preferred before the match.

I'd like to also add-in, that you can actually have a protein shake, but in a smaller quantity. But also I found out, that it's much better to not eat & drink anything stomach-heavy 2 to 3 hours before the game starts.

I like to keep it this way:

  1. Don't drink protein shake less than 2 hours from the game.
  2. If you decide so, drink in a small quantity.

So use these two rules and you'll be good!

Honestly, I still believe you will benefit much more from a protein shake after the game though. Feel free to experiment with this one!

Are smoothies good before a soccer game

Smoothie is definitely a good drink to have before a soccer game. The main reason why is because it helps you to hydrate and refuel your muscles with carbs. However, it is recommended to not drink it less than 2 hours before a match. Smoothie is a little bit heavier for your stomach so it's better to give it time to process it.

Honestly, I think you can't go wrong with this choice on a game day!

But - same as with a protein shake, make sure you drink it early in a day and that you don't overdo it.

Is orange juice good before a soccer game?

The chances are that you already heard about orange as an option for a halftime break.

But what about orange juice? Is orange juice good to drink before a soccer game?

Orange juice is a great drink to have before a soccer game especially because it contains a lot of vitamin C and phytonutrients. Thanks to these nutrients, it is an incredibly powerful drink that will definitely help you to achieve peak performance on the soccer field.

Again, one of my favorites! If you don't like to eat orange fruit as a whole, feel free to go with apple juice instead.

One thing worth mentioning is to make sure you are drinking high-quality orange juice. If you are not going to buy a juice that contains 100% orange, then you will be better off with pure water instead.

Do soccer players actually drink Gatorade?

Yes, soccer players do drink Gatorade as it's a well-known and reputable brand for isotonic drinks. Thanks to a scientifically proven formula, this drink helps soccer players to replenish their electrolytes, minerals and important vitamins that are needed for optimal performance on the soccer field.

Honestly, I wouldn't say it's that popular here in Europe - but I've seen many soccer teams being sponsored by them.

I do drink it by myself and I have to say that Gatorade never disappointed me so far.

Wrapping it up

If you read it till here, congrats! Now you know what is the best drink to have before a soccer game. Keep in mind that all of these are my personal preferences - alongside what industry experts have been saying for years.

Clean water - you can't go wrong with that one. Make sure you drink consistently and you will be good!

When it comes to drinks such as protein shakes or smoothies, make sure you leave at least a 2-hour time window, so your body has time to process that.

This leads me to the last point - isotonic drinks. In my opinion, they are one of the best drinks you can get as they come with a lot of nutrients that you need for top performance. Make sure to pour it into some good sport bottle and mix it with clean water.

But ultimately you should drink what works for you.

Also one more thing.

Since we're all different and we react differently, I highly recommend you to try different isotonic drinks from different brands and see for yourself, which one works for you the best!

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