Top 5 Best Leather Soccer Cleats (2023 Review - Updated)

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February 25, 2021

Are you looking for the best leather soccer cleats?

You are in the right place! 😊

In this review you’ll learn about:

  • My top choices for leather soccer cleats
  • What makes leather soccer cleats unique among other cleats
  • What to look for before buying
  • And much more!

Below is a quick list of all our top picks. Keep scrolling to learn more about how to choose and buy the best soccer cleats made of leather.

Leather Cleats Main Features Price
The Best OverallNike Tiempo Legend 8 Elite FG Leather Soccer Cleat Nike Tiempo Legend 8 Elite FG
  • Kangaroo leather
  • Get a leather-sock-like feel
  • Hyperstability plate
Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 Elite FG Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 Elite FG
  • Super light
  • Streamlined kangaroo leather
  • Built for explosive acceleration
Best Budget OptionPuma One 5.1 FG Leather Cleat Puma One 5.1 FG
  • Used by Antoine Griezmann
  • EvoKNIT sock
  • Ultra-light pebax plate
Best ExpensiveAdidas Copa Sense+ FG Adidas Copa Sense+ FG
  • Purest first touch
  • Premium leather
  • Laceless design
Limited EditionAdidas Predator Archive FG Adidas Predator Archive FG
  • Limited edition
  • 360-degree wrap construction
  • Sock-like feel

Leather soccer cleats are very reliable in terms of quality and comfort. Even the most legendary soccer players like Ronaldinho played in soccer cleats like Nike Tiempo - which are of course made of leather.

Short on time? I got you! Check out this quick overview of my favorite leather soccer cleats:

  1. Nike Tiempo Legend 8 Elite FG Leather Soccer CleatLink
  2. Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 Elite FG
  3. Puma One 5.1 FG Leather Cleat
  4. Adidas Copa Sense+ FG
  5. Adidas Predator ARchive FG Lether Soccer Cleat

And lastly, here are all topics I will go through:

Reviews of The Top 5 Leather Soccer Cleats

Nike Tiempo Legend 8 Elite FG Leather Soccer Cleat

Nike Tiempo Legend 8

Leather soccer cleat Tiempo 8 is on my list as the best option for you, if you are looking for reliable and high-quality cleats. From distance, they look simple. But when you look at them from close, you will see how much work went into this pair. Due to design, you will get a sock-like feel. They truly work like a magic.

  • Kangaroo leather
  • Hyperstability plate
  • Tiempo detailing
  • Flyknit heel and tongue
  • Sock-like feel
  • White leather color - can get dirty
  • Can absorb water and become heavier in rain

Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 Elite FG

Nike Mercurial Vapor 13

Mercurial Vapor 13 cleats are definitely for you if you are looking for an affordable option. They are a perfect fit for players that rely on speed and acceleration and need that little speed boost from the technical side of their shoes. The upper part of these cleats is made of high-quality kangaroo leather.

  • Strategically placed studs
  • NikeGRIP tech
  • Exclusive leather upper
  • Made for explosive acceleration
  • Super light
  • Very cheap price
  • Could stretch too much due to leather material

Puma One 5.1 FG Leather Cleat

If you are looking to dominate the soccer field, Puma One 5.1 are amazing leather cleats for you! Controlling the ball with these is effortless and they have a nice sock that gives your ankle the stability it needs. Also, a great deal for an amazing price.

  • Used by players like Agüero, David Silva and Lukaku
  • Crafted from soft and flexible kangaroo leather
  • Innovative fusefit tech
  • EvoKNIT sock for optimum fit and stability
  • Little bit heavier

Adidas Copa Sense+ FG

Never understood what is the purest first touch? With these, you will! I’m not trying to sell you anything, but I got these a few months ago and I can’t give them enough compliments. Truly remarkable work by Adidas. There are different types of material on them including kangaroo leather. However, they are still very pricey.

  • Used by Dybala, Pedri and Thiago
  • Premium K-leather
  • Laceless design
  • Frame featuring Senseframe for sublime stability and traction
  • They are not cheap
  • Not everybody prefers laceless design

Adidas Predator ARchive FG Lether Soccer Cleat

Adidas Predators are a limited edition that was released for people that love leather soccer cleats. The overall design of them will surely contribute to better performance on the soccer field no matter what conditions are. If you prefer quality, this is your go-to option. Again, they are a little bit pricey, but definitely worth it.

  • Limited Edition
  • Leather upper with Fusionskin tech
  • Highlight of the iconic Predator
  • Razor shape
  • One of the most expensive leather cleats

Are leather soccer cleats better?

Some players prefer leather soccer cleats over other materials due to various reasons. One of them is that leather material will adjust to the shape of your feet better than synthetic material. However, there are some cons and pros when it comes to leather material.

Leather cleats provide players with much more stability and protect their feet much more than other cleats.

Also, one of the biggest benefits of leather cleats is that they are very durable. That means one good pair of leather soccer cleats will last you for months!

Which brands make the best leather soccer cleats?

There are many brands out there, that produce high-quality soccer cleats of leather.

But which ones really stand out? Which brand makes the best leather soccer cleats?

Currently, there are two gigantic brands that produce the best leather cleats, and these are Adidas and Nike. These two brands are having tons of resources to invest in the new technologies and premium leather materials, which makes the soccer cleats truly amazing.

Which leather soccer cleats should you buy?

You could see a few of my tips on the best leather soccer cleats in the review section, however, the decision is always on you.

Leather cleats are very flexible and will always adjust to your feet. Just make sure to buy a proper size. Be aware, those different brands have slightly different sizing.

Usually, we get the advice, that you shouldn’t experiment with buying soccer cleats you never had. “Just get the ones you always play in” they say.

But how do you actually find out which ones fit your playstyle more? You will find out by actually testing them out. There’s no way around it.

I showed you a few of my best picks, so even though you never played in these and are scared that they won’t be comfortable, you can always refund them within the first few days.

Frequently asked questions about leather soccer cleats

Can get kangaroo leather wet?

Kangaroo leather can get wet in the rain. This is one of the most significant downsides when it comes to leather soccer cleats. They absorb a lot of water in rainy weather and ultimately, they will become a little bit heavier. Of course, they won’t get heavier by too much, but it’s a small detail that you should know about.

How much do leather cleats stretch?

Leather cleats are known for their unique ability to adjust to the shape of your feet. In some cases, they can stretch for a few millimeters - that means it’s nothing you should be worried about. Some players get a smaller size because they know that cleats will ultimately stretch. Before considering a smaller size, you should physically try them first.

How long do kangaroo leather cleats last?

How long your kangaroo leather cleats will last depends on the intensity of playing. Some people play occasionally, while others train in their leather cleats every single day. We can confidently say, that they will last anything from half of the season till the end.

What kind of leather does Nike use?

Nike mostly uses synthetic leather in most of their products, because it’s more affordable as opposed to other animal leathers. Synthetic leather is also much easier to clean and is lighter than the leather from kangaroo.

Does Adidas use kangaroo leather?

Yes, Adidas in most of their leather products uses leather from kangaroo.

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