What Is Soccer Magic Spray? Everything You Need to Know!

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February 9, 2022

I was watching a soccer match between PSG and Barcelona when Xavi got injured. Then I see a referee calling in a medical team and I instantly knew what I'm going to write about.

So I researched everything about this Secret magic soccer spray that has "the ultimate healing powers" to heal and wrote this article about it. So, first of all, let me answer your question.

What is a magic soccer spray?

Magic soccer spray is a topical skin coolant that usually contains ethyl chloride. This soccer spray can cool and numb the skin temporarily, and that way ease the pain of the minor injury. However, after applying this soccer spay, nothing is being healed or magically cured.

Magic soccer spray is useless when it comes to major injuries though.

It is really only cooling the skin. It has no real effect on the injuries - and the player will need sooner or later proper care off the field.

But as I said already, this magic soccer spray can ease the pain of a minor injury, since the cold is great for easing the pain and inflammation.

Although, some people call it magic spray because a player gets up really quickly after the treatment.

Honestly, there are really two explanations for that:

  1. Player was probably flopping and faking the injury - so the enemy player could be punished with a card - this never works though
  2. Player could be also buying time if his team is winning - he could be also getting more time for rest if his team is exhausted.

As a former soccer player, I can say that mostly it's one of these things.

What about the effectiveness of this magic spray?

Does magic spray work?

Soccer magic spray works mostly for minor injuries. However, it has no real use when it comes to more serious injuries. This spray works well as a quick treatment on the pitch - and usually works for easing a small pain due to the fact, that cold helps to fight inflammation.

So there you go. It's a really simple answer, and really don't need more to it.

Just keep in mind though - that you can't use this spray directly on burned skin (burned skin happens mostly in indoor soccer, or turf pitch).

It is also recommended, that you should spray through some kind of cloth like a sock, shorts or jersey. Never directly on the skin.

Best magic spray for soccer to buy

In case you are wondering where to buy magic soccer spray, and how much you should spend, here are my recommendations:

You can get it by clicking on the links below:

These cold sprays are great for minor soccer injuries. They will help to cool your skin (cold reduces inflammation) and will also numb the pain.

It's really great to have this in your backpack if you have a few bucks to spend.

How does magic spray work?

Magis spray cools the temperature of your skin down, and that way helps to fight the inflammation of the minor injury. It also helps to numb the pain, which is player experiencing. It is considered as a fast minimal treatment. If the injury is serious, the magic spray won't be very efficient.

This coolant spray relies on temporary relief from the pain on the soccer field.

Because as discussed, it's not really efficient for major injuries.

Also, one thing we didn't discuss is the "placebo" effect. As a former soccer player, I've been sprayed many many times - even at times it wasn't needed (I was buying time - I think everybody did it at least once in their career).

Getting sprayed with this coolant can is really satisfying because you feel the cold and it kinda numbs the pain. It's like a placebo - where you start to actually believe that it does something more than just cooling.

Wrapping it up

So as you can see, there is nothing magical about soccer coolant spray. I wish there was a spray that could heal you within a minute - but I guess we need to wait for such technology.

To summarize the article:

  • Soccer magic spray helps to numb the pain of a minor injury.
  • Magic spray cools the skin and place of the injury and it helps to fight first stage of inflammation.
  • Players that get up quickly after getting sprayed were either simulating injury or they were just buying time
  • When it comes to finding where to buy this sport magic spray, you can buy some on Amazon.

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