Why Are Soccer Cleats So Expensive?

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February 19, 2021

Recently I had a very interesting discussion with my friend, on how are soccer cleats are getting more expensive. Just a few years ago I paid 150$ for a pair of Nikes and I thought it’s crazy. Nowadays?

First-class soccer cleats will cost you anything from 200$ to 400$. That’s crazy!

Why are soccer cleats so expensive? Soccer cleats are expensive because of how carefully they are developed and made. Growing market, new technology, and high-quality materials are having a big impact on the price. Big brands such as Nike or Adidas, spend a lot of money and resources on testing new materials and technologies, which will ultimately reflect on the price.

Now, don’t get me wrong.

I’m not saying that expensive soccer cleats are not worth it.

I’m just amazed by how fast the prices are increasing.

Are expensive soccer cleats worth it?

Expensive soccer cleats are definitely worth buying if you don’t mind spending over 200$ on one pair. Expensive soccer cleats are made of more high-quality materials and are heavily tested before the release. They are made to help you perform better, become faster, more accurate, and precise.

In my opinion, they are definitely worth it. But keep in mind, that you will need two pairs of soccer cleats for a season.

You need one pair for the dry field and a second pair for rainy weather.

So before buying, make sure you can afford two pairs and buy according to that.

Trust me.. you don’t want to slip on wet terrain when you’ll get a chance to score a winning goal!

Suggestion: Read and learn how to know if soccer cleats are too tight.

Should you get expensive soccer cleats?

This depends on your budget. If you have enough money, go for it!

When I was young, my family couldn’t really afford any expensive soccer cleats. Because of that, I was playing in very unpopular cleats.

However, I still could outrun all my teammates and still score more goals.

That lesson taught me a lesson, where I learned that even the most expensive gear won’t help you if you are not disciplined and dedicated to soccer.

But, there’s nothing wrong with buying expensive soccer cleats so definitely get ones if you have some spare money!

If you are looking to buy some, check our top picks of the best leather soccer cleats!

What is the difference between expensive soccer cleats and cheap soccer cleats?

The main difference lies in a few reasons:

  • Materials

If the soccer cleats are made of top-notch leather material, no wonder they cost over 200$!

There are three most common leather types. These are Kangaroo leather (K-leather), Calfskin, and Pittards.

Some of the most popular materials are also synthetic and premium synthetic. Synthetic is used in the cheaper pairs, while premium synthetic requires more advanced technology so their price is higher.

Basically, the more money you pay, the better quality cleats will be. For that reason, you should also expect them to last much longer.

  • Technology

The biggest companies are constantly improving their technology so it’s logical the prices are increasing.

  • Marketing

Good marketing can sell even a pair of soccer cleats for 1,000$. Do you remember World Cup 2014? Everyone had white/pink Nike cleats and just a few months after the world cup, everybody in my team had them.

That’s the power of marketing in some way, right?

Think of also when Neymar or Ronaldo have their own brands under Nike. That’s kinda like influencer marketing. I actually talked about it in this article where I answered if soccer players buy their own cleats.

  • Brand

Sandic or Nike? I bet you didn’t hesitate and picked Nike.

That’s how these companies are powerful.

These leading brands in the industry can raise prices whenever they want, and I don’t really blame them. The amount of work they put into creating each soccer cleats model is tremendous.

It’s not that they only pour a lot of money into durable materials or new technologies. They constantly have to innovate or competition will eat them.

5 Expensive Soccer cleats that are worth it

Now I’m going to show you a few pairs that I personally had and I think are 100% worth of their price.

1. Nike Mercurial Superfly 7 Elite FG  - The Best Overall

I absolutely love this pair of soccer cleats. They were much more expensive when I got them so I think this is a really good deal!

I’m a winger so I really like the idea that it has a nice ankle-sock, which provides very good stability.

This pair of soccer cleats are made for speed and I can’t agree more!

2. Nike Mercurial Vapor 14 Elite FG  - Great Alternative

Nike Mercurial Vapor 14 are an amazing alternative to Superfly 7.

I have to say I was really satisfied with them. They are perfect for midfielders because they are really light and will help you to move with more ease.

3. Adidas Predator Mutator 20  - Soccer cleats for control

With these Adidas soccer cleats, you’ll be able to control the ball like never before.

Honestly, I really had a lot of fun with them.

On the front, they have these small rubber elements which help you to control the ball much more.

4. Nike Mercurial Dream Speed Superfly 7  - My current pair

I’m currently having these and they are quite costly.

However, the price really reflects the experience and value you are getting.

I feel super comfortable in them and I just have to play in them for a few months to get some more insights on them.

5. Adidas Nemeziz+ FG - My second pair

These are my second pair of soccer cleats I have and I have them just in case I feel like playing in them. I know, weird!

However, once I play in them, I feel like the ball belongs to me.

They don’t have any laces and you feel like these cleats are part of your body. Really great experience!

Wrapping it up

Honestly, I think you should definitely go for more expensive cleats.

You want high-quality soccer cleats, that you can rely on in every moment on the soccer field. You want soccer cleats that will provide you with stability and comfort even on the most ruined and wet soccer field.

That’s how you can focus 100% on your game and your performance.

When I was younger, I was taken down off the field so many times just because I didn’t have the right soccer pair for wet weather.

Don’t make the same mistake and get yourself straight up two pairs (FG + SG).

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